E-book from Quanto Basta

Get to know this project that inspires us!

Espiga is very proud to sponsor the first Quanto Basta E-book - 27 Recipes with Yogurt Dough.
Quanto Basta, it's a page of recipes for all tastes ...
Easy, simple and delicious!

A page that came out of the desire to want to share and inspire through the kitchen.

True food, without tricks, without great rigor, relaxed and very versatile.

Practical recipes that appeal to a varied, conscious and waste-free diet.

Food with love ... enough for an even happier kitchen!

See on the page of https://www.instagram.com/quantobasta.qb/ Quantobasta.qb/ how to acquire the E-book - 27 Recipes with Yogurt Dough.

Thank you for your preference and confidence in our flours.