60 years

an illustrated history

Products of the Year 2016

The new range of Fresh Herbs and Spice Paste Tubes Espiga was distinguished by its innovative and disruptive product features on the Portuguese market.
This new line consists of 9 varieties such as garlic, ginger, chilli, basil or coriander, etc.

In that category other Espiga products were also distinguished such as the preparation for Tempura, Easy Fry and also Espiga Maize Starch.

Launch of Espiga Fresh Herbs and Spice Paste Tubes

The innovation strategy adopted by the brand is reflected once again in launching the Fresh Herbs and Spice Paste Tubes range.

Launch of the Preserved Onions range

The brand continues to establish itself as "kitchen helper" with the launch of the range of pre-cooked onions Espiga, in the varieties: Natural, Fried in Olive Oil and Caramelized Onions.

Launch of recipes portal

Following the enlargement of the Espiga spices line with new ranges: Mediterranean, Tropical, Oriental and Herbs, is launched portal "Viagens à Mesa", which is an invitation to a journey through the flavors of different world cuisines.

Visit at www.viagensamesa.com.


In 2012 Espiga launched a cloth collection alluding to Portuguese motifs and traditions.
It honored the typical and unique Portuguese style of music Fado, through the cloths collection "Celebrating Fado" with shawls and Portuguese guitars, the most loyal consumers were able to acquire them through the trade of proofs of purchase from the brand products.

New image Espiga

In 2010 there was a rejuvenation of Espiga brand. The brand logo undergoes changes and it is made a restyling of all packaging.

Launch of Lusitana Magazine

Published since 2000, Lusitana Magazine celebrating already 16 years of existence.
Its creation intended to develop a space of communication of products and promotions, where recipes, suggestions and advice are presented to the brands consumers.

Launch of the Breadcrumbs range with seasonings

The launch of Espiga Breadcrumbs range with  seasonings was another statement of the brand as "kitchen helper".

Launch of Espiga products

Over the decade of 90, the brand Espiga extends its product ranges.
Are launched several successful brand products, including maize starch, Easy Fry, maize flour and semolina, a range of breadcrumbs and also cocoa powder.

New logo of Espiga

In the 90's Espiga is positioned as a brand "umbrella" that offers consumers a wide range of products for the culinary preparations. It is also at this time that happens a complete restructuring of the brand image, starting with the modification of its logo.

Radio Spot with Carlos Paião

In the 80s, Carlos Paião create a radio jingle to advertise to flour Espiga and Branca de Neve. It was another one of the artists and public figures who "gave voice" by the brands of the Fábricas Lusitana.

Advertising spot

In the 60's launched the first advertising spot of Espiga brand, which highlights the Super-Thin flour and its culinary uses, considered a "friend in the kitchen"

Launch of the brand and flour Espiga

In 1954 born the brand and Espiga flour, along with Branca de Neve flour, both produced by Fábricas Lusitana, located in Alcains, Castelo Branco district.
Their quality has made them readily appreciated by Portuguese consumers.
Lançamento da marca e farinha Espiga