Perfect to prepare pizzas, appetizers, main courses or to give a touch of zest to sauces.

They can also be used in sauces and condiments.
Capers in Wine Vinegar Espiga

Ingredients: Capers (58%), water, wine vinegar (18%), salt.
Package: glass jar with metallic twist-off lid.
Net Weight: 155 g

Store in the original unopened package, in a cool and dry place, away from direct light.
Once open keep refrigerated and consume within 2 weeks.
Average Nutricional Values Per 100 g
energy (kJ/kcal) 114 / 27
fat (g) 1,0
   of which saturates (g) 0,4
carbohydrate (g) 1,0
    of which sugars (g) 0,5
fibre (g) 3,2
protein (g) 2,0
salt (g) 7,5