Bird's Eye Chillies & Onion Grinder

The mixture of Bird’s Eye Chillies with Onion is ideal for all dishes where you usually use the Bird’s Eye. The sweet onion flavour is perfectly complemented by the burning touch of hot pepper.

Suggestions: use in meat and seafood dishes, pasta, vegetables, sauces and mushrooms.
It’s an essential seasoning in African dishes like moamba, cachupa or cafreal chicken. It’s a beautiful complement the olive oil.
Bird's Eye Chillies & Onion Grinder Espiga

Ingredients: Bird's Eye Chillies (60%) and onion (40%).

Package: glass jar and plastic lid with grinder*.
Net Weight: 45g

Store in the original package, in a cool and dry place, away from direct light.

* Grinder reusable and adaptable to any bottle in the range.