Corn Oil

Espiga 100% Corn Oil is extracted from premium seeds and an essential ingredient in daily cooking.
Espiga 100% Corn Oil

Ingredients: 100% Refined Corn Oil.

Packaging: PET bottle with PVC cap.
Net weight: 1L

Store at room temperature away from light and heat. Keep the bottle closed after use.
Average Nutricional Values Per 100ml of product
energy (kJ/kcal) 3770 / 900
fat (g)  100
    of which saturates (g) 13
    of which monounsaturates (g) 28
    of which polyunsaturates (g) 55
carbohydrate (g)  0,0 
   of which sugars (g) 0,0
protein (g)   0,0 
salt (g) 0,0